Employer Plans

Providing a competitive retirement plan is no longer an option for most employers; it is an essential benefit to attract and retain quality employees. Bank of Ann Arbor is staffed with a team of investment professionals that specialize in retirement services. We will review your current 401(k) arrangement and provide a detailed comparison that includes potential enhancements.

We've established relationships with the leading companies in the retirement planning industry in order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive products and services. Our expertise combined with longstanding relationships within the industry often lead to improvements in your service, funds and pricing.

As part of our service, we will conduct a thorough review of your 401(k) plan and:

  • Help you with your fiduciary responsibilities and investment policy statements.
  • Compare your current investment options with the benchmarks and the industry as a whole and make ongoing recommendations for improvement. The resulting investment options will enable plan participants to build broadly diversified portfolios consistent with their individual risk tolerances.
  • Examine your plan's overall recordkeeping fees and fund expenses.
  • Determine if there is a better way to deliver investment education and communication and streamline your administrative activities.

Bank of Ann Arbor will adhere to prudent standards and investment industry practices as described by ERISA. We typically provide group 401(k) meetings and are available to meet one-on-one when participants have personal questions. Our approach to communication and education is flexible. Our team has significant experience in providing education and we are staffed with MBA's, CFA's, and attorneys. Most meetings emphasize key concepts and focus on the importance of diversification, asset allocation and the risk characteristics of the investment options.

We are confident that you will value a relationship with our 401(k) team. We look forward to working with you on your 401(k) plan and welcome the opportunity to discuss our services in greater detail.

Retirement Planning

We help companies with their 401k and 403b retirement plans

We help companies with their 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans