Specialized Investment Needs

Whether you are an individual with newfound wealth, a new company needing to invest venture capital, or a nonprofit looking to manage your assets most effectively, we can bring years of experience to the table to help you.

Nonprofit Investment Management

Endowments, foundations, religious organizations, and nonprofits can benefit from our Institutional Asset management services. We can manage your assets effectively to meet your cash management objectives, both short and long term. Together with you, we will develop a comprehensive plan to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Venture Capital and Grant Funds Management

In partnership with our Technology Industry Group, our team can manage funds for emerging and growing companies, freeing your management team to focus on the business. With our global access to investment choices, we can manage money to meet the requirements of your fund providers.

New Wealth

Have you recently come into a large amount of money through an inheritance, sale of a business or other event? Let our professional money managers work with you to address the investment decisions that need to be made. We know how to make this process clear and easy to understand.

Investment Management

American Banker named us 31st best bank to work for out of 6,000 U.S. Banks in 2017