At Bank of Ann Arbor, we know our town inside and out.

We use that knowledge to great advantage to provide the products and services that the people and businesses of Ann Arbor need. There's no other town quite like Ann Arbor. And we at Bank of Ann Arbor know that.

In 2011, Bank of Ann Arbor will celebrate fifteen years of serving the banking needs of our communities. As we've done from the very beginning, we will continue to help the community and our existing clients, and extend a helping hand to our new clients. Helping is what a good strong community bank is supposed to do, especially during trying economic times like these. How can we help you?

Here's a list of the local landmarks and businesses featured in our spring advertising campaign. Enjoy!

Non-local banks think...

...the 777 building is a casino.

...Suwanee Springs was a Bond girl.

...By The Pound is a weight loss clinic.

...The Fleetwood is a gas guzzler.

...The Chop House is a martial arts academy.

...Red Shoes sells red shoes.

...The Arch is a podiatrist's clinic.

...Vinology is an undergraduate course.

...Rackham is a pool hall.
...Michigan Union is part of the UAW.

...Ann and Ashley are the Olsen Twins

...Hogback Road is the sequel to Brokeback Mountain.

...The Fab Five is a royal flush.

...Woody and Bo were in Toy Story.

...Mary Sue Coleman is three people.

...The Big House is a Starbucks selection.

...TK WU is a text message.

...Mr. Spots is a carpet cleaning service.

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